A serie of 25 signed and numered serigraphies launched in the Art Museum of Mallorca ( Spain )
This Serigraphy is one ofnthe productions I made during the art residence of last Summer in Muro.  

pieces Avaliable in  Adda&Taxie  Gallery

pieces Avaliable in Adda&Taxie Gallery


Updated Exhibitions & Shows tab with images of the pieces from the solo Show at Adda & Taxie gallery ( Paris ) 



New solo exhibition named "Âpre Zone" in Paris

 Vernissage Next February 3rd In Adda & Taxie Gallery ( Paris )


A wall painted in Barcelona University, in the project #tuentiurbanart.
More pics in Outdoor Tab.



"O" a collective show on erotism moves to Paris, with several new pieces.
Openning on Saturday September 16th at 6pm.
The pictures in Exhibitions & Shows tab.

19/June/2017 :
Participation in CROMATICA Festival,  a collective wall paint exhibition  (México D.F.) on June 12th to 17th. 
The Wall paint doesn't have name yet.
-Full image in Outdoor tab-

12/June/2017 :
Participation in PRISMA a Collective show at Colab Gallery (Weil am Rhein, Germany) on June 10th. 
I showed 30 small oil paints on wood ( Unstoppable Thoughts ) and 4 oil paints on canvas.
-the full show in Exhibitions & shows Tab-

12/June/2017 :
Oil Paint named "Trayectoria Aurea"
Shown in Montana Colors stand at Urvanity Fair 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

31/December/2016 :
New exhibition added, "O" is a erotic collective show. 
The show open from December 2nd to February 4th. 

All the pieces : "O"
link of the show : Montana Gallery

16/june/2016 :
Murals section updated with this wall painted in company of Cinta Vidal and Uriginal in Barcelona. 
link : rivermonster

02/April/2016 :
I'm preparing the website for add new material, and create a online shop the soon as posible, the first step was upload some draws of the exhibition in Montana Gallery in 2014.
Go to new draws : Thoughts

Updated the Murals tab with photos of a big paint in Walls Talk 5

I'm working in this new site, meanwhile here's a mixed sample of what you will see soon.

thanks for your visit.